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Poetry and Odds and Ends

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"The beast ran in the wood
that had lost the man's mind;
on a path harder than death
spectral shapes stood
propped against trees;
they gazed as I rode by;
fast after me poured
the light of flooding seas."
Charles Williams,
Taliessin Through Logres.
"The lover thought about
death, and he was afraid,
until he remembered the
city of his Beloved, the
city to which love and
death are the gates
and the entrance."
Ramon Lull,
The Book of the
Lover and the Beloved

A blind man stands
On a street corner:
He waves his hand at me
And I wave back ...
Should we know each other?
-- a "Koan" by Phil.

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Welcome to "MeyeSite"! This is an effort to render poetry on the World Wide Web, and my homepage with a very fine web server, Tripod.

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