Turn Your Head and Weep"

Turn your head and weep, my Love:
I'll be here all the time.
And I'll not leave before the dawn
        Breaks over your bed
        At the hour when the dead
Politely go back to their sombre rest.

Fear must make its exit, Love,
As we must enter in-
To ecstasy beyond our tears
        When time gently rolls
        And the tower-bell tolls
Ere mockingbird from choir returns to nest.

Sing, Beloved, of your pain:
For music makes it softer
And all can share it equally
        For you cannot keep
        To yourself what should leap
From your heart into the light of day.

Tears fall in the Spring, my Love,
And Autumn brings its wonders:
Grape on the vine, a child to grow,
        With fields full of wheat
        And milk in the teat ...
There'll be no loss if there is nothing there.

Turn your head and weep, my Love:
I will not leave you ever.
You make a pillow of my heart --
        Now rest on my skin
        While, sharp as a pin,
I'll needle you till laughter stops the night.

Image Map © 1997 Phillip B. Burton